Saturday, May 18, 2013

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Bubblebeam

Phew! Sorry for the time between posts! I've been really stressed out lately and haven't felt much like doing anything. My stomach is still really unhappy about Cuba (I should probably go to a doctor) and I'm petrified of starting the job hunt because I'm afraid everyone will reject me and I'll have to resort to retail again. So of course the logical thing is to sit at home and hide in my blankets, obvs. To be fair, I started drafting up a cover letter today. I've lost my knack for it but it'll come back I'm sure. I just have to DO it.

Anyway, nails! I got my nail mail from Rainbow Honey this week (they're getting faster!) including two LE polishes that I splurged on full size (ugh, I'm never going to get through this whole thing), one of which is Bubblebeam! It's Pokemon inspired so I lusted like the sad fangirl that I am.

Enough of my blathering; I did two coats over Julep Claire.

Ugh, look at how beautifully bright that is!

If you want, check out Rainbow Honey on Facebook and their website! Tell 'em I sent you!