Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cuba 2013 #3: The beach of course!

Oh that beautiful freaking beach!

This was literally behind the resort (we were at Brisas del Caribe, by the way). So gorgeous <3

SO NAILS. Starting with that Julep Claire/Rainbow Honey Bubblebeam combination from yesterday, I frenched some white using acrylic paint. I made it quite thick because reasons ;D

Had enough of that? Good. Now some Zoya Godiva, because nothing else looks like sand like this one does, and now you know the reasons from previous :3

I ended up getting a couple good pics huh? Maybe. What do you think? Beachy enough? It's definitely a little thick on the tips but it seems to be drying down nicely.

Is anybody out there in a nice enough locale to have been to the beach yet?


  1. Gorgeous! Looks perfectly beachy :) I'm planning beach vacation this summer with my family, but not until August :(

    1. Thank you!! Something to countdown to at least, and planning is half the fun! As soon as we got back from Cuba everything turned grey here. Blah! Hope your weather's better <3


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