Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Sakura Matsuri Namesake

Aaahhhh I'm so glad I caved and bought this! This came with my giant order a while back. I never really got into the Sakura Matsuri set because it was a lot of pink but I knew I definitely wanted some flower-shaped glitter and that's what Namesake's selling ;)

Since I have been feeling the pastels, I started with Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. It is so pretty and perfect. A two-coater that I have swatched previously. Apparently I feel like Mint Sorbet when I've got shorties haha.
God, that swatch post is ugly... *cough*
Two coats to smooth!
 To qualify this as nail art, I used Julep Melissa (a polish I LOVE) to make subtle stripes.

 You can kinda see it... Anyway, GLITTER.

 The photo above was to try to get the sparkliness in the bottle (and on the nail, but that failed, so bottle it is!)
I wish I could convey how dynamic this is. It just looks pink! But there's blue and green and holo and translucent white and silver and heeee <3 SO PURTY.

I love Rainbow Honey. I'm saving my money for their new Robo collection. Check out their website (though it's kind of weird it doesn't have an ad for the new collection, coming April 5th...)


  1. I love the giant pink glitter on top of this mint polish! Since your post mentions "sakura matsuri", I immediately made me think of a cherryblossom. (Aaah, I'd love to go to some sakura matsuri... has been so long...)

    1. Thank you! I had to fish so hard for that big glitter unfortunately (and I forgot to mention that, of course, good job Sharra...) but it was excellent payoff. And the rest of the mix is so gorgeous and cute. What does Sakura Matsuri mean? I know Hanami (flower-viewing) but not sakura matsuri =O


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