Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Round-up

Hai all! I don't have any nails for you today unfortunately (I had to prep for a post that's coming later this week and I'm still wearing those, so sorry!) but I have seen some hilarious April Fool's jokes from nail companies!

This is the most hilarious so far, by far my favourite!

Zoya wins.
Kinda want chia nails, not gonna lie...

Can you imagine? xD I love Essence.

Now Julep tried too... "Manven" and it was very silly. However, it left a bad taste in my mouth, because I know several male bloggers who are breaking the gender norms and have fabulous nails. Sigh.

And Rainbow Honey is a suspect... though I really hope this is actually a polish that's coming. Pokemon themed!
"Presenting "Bubble Beam" - the first Rainbow Honey nail lacquer made with Water Stones, finely crushed Rare Candy, and a generous helping of responsibly sourced Heart Scales.

 ***No water-type Pok√©mon were harmed in the creation of this polish. We think.***
I mean, obviously it's not made of water stones but aaaahhh I wannit! *fangirl*

I'm not very good at this. This is all I could find. Zoya is my favourite and I hope Rainbow Honey isn't a joke. Did you see any good ones today?

Shoutouts to my boyfriend, it's his birthday today <3 (Yes, really!)


  1. omg yes that julep one is bad taste! do you follow polishmemanly on instagram? his nails AND his stash are AMAZING!

    1. I talk to Wes a bit on Twitter! He's fantastic! =) I don't have Instagram. If you want another boy with fabulous nails, check out Lacquer Lad. He's adorable and I love his blog though I'm gonna have to kick him a bit to see if he'll start again xD Last I heard he got sidetracked by customizing dolls xD

  2. Omg you need it! Its fab for browsing photos and for showcasing your own - so addictive and dead easy, it posts to twitter and facebook and all the others if you want it to :)

    And the bubble beam polish is real! And you can buy it by itself, you dont have to buy $50 worth to get it free x

    1. I'm slow to get apps and accounts... Instagram will take a while and is by no means inevitable yet. Besides, it really annoys me that twitter doesn't autoshow those pics anymore.

      I just saw that and got really happy but then realized I can't afford it anyway xD

  3. I've nominated you for a blog award :D Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm working on it now <3


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