Sunday, March 31, 2013

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Sweet Talk

Ahhh I've been meaning to do this one forever! But first, I know you've all heard Google Reader is going kaput and I just want to direct your attention to bloglovin' on the side there >>>
I'm still figuring it out, especially how to see individual users (for future giveaways, hint hint) but we'll get there! Because of the GR thing, they've made it really simple to import your whole blog list! Meet you there <3

Anyway, moving on. Sweet Talk is really SHEER. FML. I should have reread the reviews I had drooled over. It is quite transparent, but builds up. This is good because if you're a dolt like me you can power through with enough layers BUT if you're smart, and you realize you're gonna want pastels for Easter, you could put any colour you wanted under there and still have a jelly-sandwich type application with some colour =) So, I did like 5 coats or more, but that's because I'm a goof.

 As you can see, it's not quite opaque yet and I got tired of doing more layers. I also didn't want any more glitter than what you see, otherwise it'd look like China Glaze It's A Trap-eze style (which I still haven't swatched, it makes me nervous...). BUT I did remember I had this Golden Rose milky non-opaque polish. It really smoothed out the look of Sweet Talk!

 I'm gonna list this post as the swatch for the Golden Rose too since this shows you pretty nicely how opaque it is without me actually having to do a million layers =P

And since it's Easter, and we're thinking cute little speckled eggs, MATTE! By Julep ;)

I realized what these reminded me of... Back to Kelly's box we go xD

Watermarker wouldn't mark it xP Gonna send the boy troubleshooting soon...
(The shiny is because lotion)
PEEPS! I still haven't opened them because they're so cute >_< (I'm a hoarder...)

Anyway, what do you think? This was a great polish to buy since it doubles for Valentine's and Easter =D

I talked a lot... your turn! What do you think? What are some similar speckly polishes you know of?

PS: In case anyone was wondering how I'm dealing with my new hair...

=D Happy Easter!

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