Friday, March 29, 2013

Let It Snow #15: Longing for Summer

THE LAST IS NIGH. This is my last item for the Let It Snow Challenge =) Summer and nail polish makes me think of neons and my colour changers from Del Sol. Since it hasn't been a neon sort of mood, I came up with an idea to combine my Del Sols.

Starting with yesterday's Del Sol Secret Crush, I half-mooned with Del Sol Chicky.

 That was easy. Then I took my trusty dotting tool and made little squigglies underneath the moons.
 Sunshine =D This is me trying to get a decent photo...


 The colour really does change! I am much more impressed with Secret Crush now than I was. It's hard to account for the colour change but it really is much more than subtle! I like my design! It looks hot, which is exactly what summer is all about, right?
 Now here's the awesome part. This is my other hand. Only one half was facing the sunshine, so only half changed colour. I love it!

You can really see it in the thumb above =D

I love this! Do you guys have any other ideas for combining the Del Sol's?

Lookit everyone else! Makes me crave ice cream <3

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