Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Anniversary of The Nail Challenge Collaborative!

=O It's been a year! Way back when Hannah from Polished Prisms (a blog sadly closed now) started her first challenge list, I tagged myself on and eventually invited myself into the facebook group (haha awkward >_>;). There were lots of manicures throughout the year and this time we're doing a little more collaboration. Each month we'll choose a theme, and in honour of our first challenge, this month's theme is Pastels <3

(Remember last Easter? ;) )

I dug through all my polish and found my rainbow of pastels (I'm missing pink lol!)

The colours I used were Julep Emmanuelle and Hayden, WetnWild 423C, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and Essence You Belong to Me and Dress for a Moment.

I started with Julep Kate as a base. It is still bubbly and gross.

 I freehanded curvy stripes. ALL THE LUMPS.
 Not terrible though, even though you can't really see the pink. Emmanuelle is quite transparent.
 Then China Glaze Make a Spectacle caught my eye. I love this polish so much x_X;

Lovely! The colours blended really nicely actually <3

That concludes this anniversary post =) What do you think? Can you recommend a pastel/baby pink?

Check out all the pretty anniversary pastels! Perfect for spring!


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