Saturday, April 27, 2013

Swatch: OPI The Spy Who Loved Me

Hey guys, I wanna apologize for the lack of posts lately and just warn you that there probably won't be more very often for the next while. I'm in transition right now, I just finished my undergraduate and I'm going on vacation next week without internet. Afterward I have to look for a job, move out... basically start life. Erratic posts like this one will happen because I am willing to procrastinate EVERYTHING with nail polish so I hope you'll stick around (and maybe move over to bloglovin? I'd hate to lose you all).Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Anyway, I have today one of the bond girls from that mini set that OPI discontinued. The Spy Who Loved Me is a gorgeous rich red with gold shimmer. Because the red is a little jelly-ish, the gold shimmer is just red but still gorgeous. The first photo is one coat which looks pinkish (like Essence Glamorous Life?) but it really deepens with a second coat.

You can really see the gold come out in that last photo.

Talk to you guys soon <3


  1. Great red! I love polishes with gold shimmers in it too :)

    1. Through swatching my polishes, I have learned that I am the hugest sucker for gold shimmer. In EVERYTHING.

      Hey, thanks for all your comments lately! I really love and appreciate it =3


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