Friday, April 26, 2013

Swatch: Glitzology Partly Cloudy

Hi guys! I'm actually really impressed with the pictures I took today! I love the colours <3

I started with Essence You Belong To Me, which is unfortunately running out and getting gloopy. Gonna need some thinner in it soon but it's a lovely pastel blue and I will have to replace it. Hopefully essence still has it in their new bottles =3.

ANYWAY, then I put Glitzology Partly Cloudy over top. I looooooooooove Stacy's glitters! Look at all those shapes!

Then I matted it! Because purty! (After replaying my wrecked pinky finger with Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet...)

Eeeeee <3

You guys should go like her on Facebook and check out her wares on Etsy <3 She likes to have sales quite a bit ;)