Thursday, March 7, 2013

Swatch: Glitzology Rhinestone Jumpsuit + Jelly Sandwich

=D Carrying on this theme of no nail art and just layering (>_> sorry), I have another Glitzology! I LOVE these glitters and Rhinestone Jumpsuit does NOT disappoint. There's blue circle glitter in here too! Along with gold and pink, and some hexagonal silver holographics! On top of that the entire thing is in a base full of something like gold leaf that just looks amazing.

So first, I did one coat over my two coats of Essence Glamorous Life. I didn't have to dig or dab by the way <3 (first photo has flash)

Alright. So. This looked AMAZING and I reeeeally didn't want to cover it but in the spirit of adventure...

All my glitter and shine got covered! It definitely looks squishy. I made a decision to do another layer of Rhinestone Jumpsuit and...

Ooooh so much shiny. In my efforts to get all angles and different lightings, I don't think I have the best quality photos, so I apologize. I definitely recommend this glitter mix though!

You guys should check out Glitzology on Etsy!! Stacy is fantastic! Tell her I sent ya ;)

Have you guys got any Glitzology yet? =D

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