Friday, March 8, 2013

Baking: Cupcakes with Vanilla Whip Icing

Hello again everyone! I have a sweet treat for you today! This is a recipe from Branden's Gramma for Vanilla Icing that is a little bit whipped cream like, and a little bit ice cream like. It is FANTASTIC, to say the least, and versatile.

Here's what you'll need:
5TBSP Flour
1CUP Milk
1CUP Butter
1CUP White Sugar
1TSP Vanilla

(Notice: NO Icing sugar involved!)

Alright, now for instructions...

1. Cook flour and milk until thick (approximately 6 minutes)
This is what it becomes. It looks like PASTE. Gross =P You have to let it cool until it's cold!
3. Cream together sugar and butter and vanilla, add it to the flour mixture and then BEAT IT TO ALL HELL - until it's creamy.

It will stand up like whipped cream when it's done, but until then it will look rather curdly. You can add chocolate (we found a 1/3CUP works well.

It makes quite a bit too! Enough for a full layer cake icing, sides and filling, or 24 well iced cupcakes ;)

Take a look!

Vanilla icing on Betty Crocker devil's food cake

With sprinkles!

=D They went pretty fast!
That last picture has the Betty Crocker's devil's food cake with vanilla icing and Betty Crocker French vanilla with vanilla icing (+1/3CUP Cocoa to make it chocolate)! It turned out nice! For whatever reason the chocolate one was lumpy even before we added the chocolate but they were still delicious. And rainbow sprinkles =D

You guys should try this recipe and let me know how it worked out for you! You know it'll be good, it's a GRAMMA RECIPE!


  1. Wow these look delicious! I might have to try this! Did you put it on pinterest? You should so I can put it on my food board!

    1. I need to catch up on my pinning, so they will be up soon I promise!
      Show me pics when you do try it, it's completely delicious and stiffens up nicely when refridgerated =D

    2. Okay good! They look so delicious!


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