Saturday, March 9, 2013

Swatch: Zoya Pixie Dust London

MY FIRST ZOYA!!! I was a bad girl, everyone, and the second got the Pixies in, I nabbed them (that site has EXCELLENT customer service by the way). Apparently they were quite popular and I'm really glad I got the whole set!

Gonna start with London! London is the grey one and I lurb it. Two coats!

Ugh, I don't know what's wrong with my fuzzy wash camera here, I apologize. I think I touched the lens with my lotioned up hands. Isn't this amazing though? Do you know what this means? It means that next time I want to try a fuzzy caterpillar, I can just use a Zoya!!!

I'm also going to comment on the texture here - I am definitely a picker if there are parts that stand out. However, these are quite uniform in texture, even though they are gritty, so I won't be worrying some protrusion. Did you guys ever do "sand art" type pictures, where you peel off the sticker and pour on a colour of sand? It's that texture, but nothing comes off even if you rub. And I'll be rubbing =P I like stroking my nails haha. Also, if you ever wanted to know what licking concrete is like, just wait for it to dry =D

What do you guys think? Has anyone compared the brands and found they have a strong preference? Which of my Pixie Dusts should I do next? =D

Edit: I just realized in the dark/wet, it reminds me of the middle finger on my Taylor Swift nails <3

Edit2: Removal! It wasn't that bad!! I have glitter herpes, but it wasn't terribly difficult and it didn't cut up the cotton pad I was using like "real" glitter does. Surprisingly, it also didn't scratch or dent the surface of my nails. =D Good experience all around ^^