Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Swatch: Essence Glamorous Life

Hi all! This is definitely a blast from the past - you can tell from the bottle! I got this before they changed to the new ones, and they didn't bring this colour back in the new bottles. BUT they did bring something similar, which I think you will see very soon on my friend Elizabeth's blog ;)

Anyway, here you are, Essence Glamorous Life. I did two coats. This is a surprisingly opaque glittery jelly. I have plans for this =D Look forward to it... Anyway, here's the pictures!

I just want to impress on you guys how juicy this colour looks. I think it's going to reappear when watermelons are in season =) The colour is somewhere between the picture with flash and the photos without. For some reason the lighting where I was is washing out the colour in the three photos without flash, but the flash is total overkill. It's also definitely more pink than red (surprisingly).

Just to conclude here, this is a gorgeous colour and I'm really happy I nabbed it. Did you guys catch this one when it was out? How about the new one? Any swatches to link me?

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