Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Swatch: Glitzology Heartbreak Motel

Indie alert! I put down Wet n Wild 454D yesterday with the intent to coat it in glitter. I WAS going to do Rhinstone Jumpsuit but I found myself mesmerized by Heartbreak Motel instead. I got both of these, as well as a couple more about a month ago when Stacy had a sale - 50% off! I really wish I could afford these indies full price because the amazing ladies that do them definitely deserve it but I am really, really happy when I get them within my means via sales =)

So Heartbreak Motel is a mix of hexagonal matte pink, circle blue and bigger hexagonal shiny light pink glitter in a base of tiny shiny blue microglitter. But, surprise surprise! there's also pink heart glitter! I LOVE SHAPED GLITTER! I didn't know this when I bought it because Stacy's swatches aren't my favourite... (sorry, girl!) BUT her mixes are first class.

Here we go:

I don't know if this is the best showcase of this polish. I'm wondering if I should have just done enough coats of it by itself until I got opacity. I dunno if this is the best showcase of the glitter but I fixed it. I got a pack of striping tape off eBay for $4 SO to make the pink pop again, I made a little cross =)

So that's what this needed. I think I'll have to swatch it by itself one day though =) The only problem I had with the tape was getting it flat on the edges, especially on my free edge. Any tips for a newbie?

Do you guys have any Glitzology? Check out the store on etsy and tell me your favourite! <3