Sunday, March 3, 2013

Poutine: The Kaboom Box

Food truck Wednesday happened at SFU last week!! Guess what I found?

THE FREAKING KABOOM BOX! The last two or three times I've tried to find them and eat, they'd run out or been closed and I had been left sad (and in the rain, thanks Vancouver). BUT NOW...

Hells yea, b*tches! And it's vegetarian! I didn't even know! I LOVE MUSHROOMS. (It came to $6.50 after tax.)

Mushroom gravy is the best guys. Seriously. It is AWESOME. And the cheese was really good stuff. I wish there was more (not that they skimped, no way). On top of that, these fries are AWESOME. They're better than they look and they look pretty good at that!

You're lucky I managed to pause to get a pic halfway through. And Kaboom box has heavy duty biodegradable forks! The entire franchise is impressive and I am definitely up for going back.

Now where does it rank? Hmmm...
  1. Dunn's Famous
  2. Preston's
  3. Brado Pizza
  4. Mean Poutine
  5. Zako's Deli
  6. The Kaboom Box
  7. Belgian Fries
  8. Frenchies
  9. La Poutinerie
  10. Fritz
  11. La Belle Patate
  12. Dougie Dog
Click here for the full list <3
The Kaboom Box had WAY better fries than Belgian, but it was not as filling or enormous as Zako's Deli. It earned its place next to the greats though, and I definitely recommend it! Any of you tried anything good lately?


  1. Replies
    1. It sure was! If you're in the area we should go together, otherwise see if you can convince one of your local restaurants to put gravy and cheese curds on fries and let me know how it works out! <3


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