Saturday, March 2, 2013

Swatch: OPI The World Is Not Enough

Hi! I have been carrying this little bottle around for almost two weeks intending to do my nails and I finally got around to it. In the bottle, this colour looks quite grey, and I think I have been imagining Her Majesty's Secret Service in my mind when I imagine swatching it so I was a little surprised by how brown it was. But, dude, this is one CLASSY colour!

I am extremely impressed! It was actually quite sheer, so this is four coats. Because of the gorgeous colourful shimmer (I swear I can see purple, green, blue and silver in there!) I could definitely imagine using it like I do Rainbow Honey Celestia, as a layering polish. It is really beautiful. I'm in love...

Just for kicks, I threw on some Piper Polish for holo goodness!

Who needs those Color Clubs? =D

I just want to mention that I FINALLY saw Skyfall and holy motherf*cking sh*t, Ben Whishaw as Q is just the sexiest thing alive. I want the Q.
I SAW HIM FIRST! (Perfume: Story of a Murderer - amazing cinematography, you guys should see it, though I warn you the ending is ... uh... odd.)


(I have sat here for ten minutes hovering over the Publish button staring at this photo and fantasizing very dirty things that I would like to do to him... *cough*)

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