Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Swatch: WingDust Collections Fly Me To The Moon!

GLITTER! You all know we love glitter on le Blahg, and a while back I made an order to a fantastic indie called WingDust Collections. I've had this one sitting around and finally it just seemed RIGHT. Here is Fly Me To The Moon over Sinful Colors Polar Opposites!

I love this combo! There's tiny blue and black glitter, with varying sizes of white and black mixed in too, and over top of SCPO it reminds me of space and white noise or static. I really really like it!! It's fitting on its name too =) To make sure I got some of the bigger pieces I gave it a good stir before I swished on (no dabbing!).

Have you guys got any WingDust yet? I think I have a code still! For 15% off your order, use BLAHG15 and tell Stephanie I said hi!! <3


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