Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fast Food Poutine: A-ampersand-W

(Note: the title looks like that because "&" isn't allowed in the box... lame)

Herro!! I hope you guys are ready for some greasy good because A&W put out their wonderful new coupons and they included (OMG) POUTINE! My friend had some bad news, so we staged a kidnapping and snoped her right out from coffee with her mother ;)

As you can see, it came in that generic fast food container but dude, this is one of the better ones! The gravy is amazing! It tasted like it could be chicken gravy, and the cheese curds were the real thing (I got so sick after - I'm lactose intolerant, it's how I tell xP). Somehow, the fries even stayed crispy even after a bit of time soaking in that gravy! Me and my posse were totally impressed... Check us out ;)

$5 coupon ;)

What's your favourite fast food poutine? What should I try next?

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