Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Swatch: Sinful Colors Polar Opposites

Hi guys! I'm always surprised when I manage to post every day but my nail polish always gets picked off within a day or two, so I'm not sure why I even wonder anymore. It means you guys get more of me (hurrah!/sorry<3) and today I have a magnetic from the Kelly package!

Sinful Colors Polar Opposites is a metallic slate grey with tiny little blue twinklies in it. I have below for you, one coat.


I did say magnetic didn't I? I did one more coat (too thick!!) one nail at a time and held the magnet real close. It took two seconds for the image to appear!

The magnet was really strong so I would recommend doing thinner coats and not obsessing over getting as close as possible. Because I did really thick coats, you can see the middle finger sagged a bit, so don't underestimate like I did. Other than that I found it really interesting that the magnet seemed to organize the magnetic and the glitter, excluding the glitter from the star, giving it a really cool effect and making the twinkly more noticeable. At angles, it even turns from blue to purple!

I really liked the effect! I have two more of these from Kelly as well, (be sure to check her out!) so look forward to them~

Did you guys pick up any Sinful magnetics way back when? How about others? Tell me stuff!


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