Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let It Snow #5 NEW YEAR'S EVE

Okay. This is where I try something totally out there. Recently I met another wonderful lady in the nail world who did these AMAZING Aurora nails. You don't know. She then made a tutorial HERE. And that's what I'm doing =]

I started with that deep purple ELF from yesterday (does anyone know where I can find ELF names?) Following the Adventures of the Nail Friends tutorial, I found a holo topcoat (Sally Hansen Urban Chic) since I don't have a very dark holo purple. Swiped on a bit.

 It is very holo-y. As per tutorial, I sponged on GS187, which is maybe the closest colour I have to the one Nichole used.
 Then I sponged on Sally Hansen Blue Me Away. I think the grey filled in the spaces, otherwise I'm not quite sure what it's for...
 I dotted some stars (LESS IS MORE) with Ulta Snow White.
 I cleaned it up, and covered it with Seche Vite because the next step is scarryyyyy~~
 WATERMARBLE. I used Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. And it took me a while to get the hang of it. Basically drop and swirl like mad right away. I didn't figure it out until my second pinkie and second thumb (which I did together) so it looks like a mess. I did swipe over with an acetone cotton swab on some of the nails to get the holo to peek back through but I tried not to worry about it.
 Other hand was better maybe? I really like the index finger below...
 Then I picked up WarPaint Bad Apple and just stroked whatever I felt like. I couldn't follow my shitty watermarble so I just made up some lines.
 I tried to keep it flowy and remember less is more.
 I then picked out WarPaint A Mile Away which is MUCH less opaque so I just dolloped a bit in the fat parts of the green. Just one spot. If there was only a thin strip (see index finger) I poked a little bit of the yellow without attempting any sort of opacity. It didn't really work. I recommend just using whatever opaque-ish yellow you've got and not worrying about neon-ing it.

 I picked up Snow White again and just dotted in the center of the yellow. I should have diluted it and stroked but oh well. It could be the negaverse swallowing us whole.

I fully intended this to be rotated the other way....

 I am in love.

So with that...


I love you guys, and hope you have/had a hell of a party and I'll see you for a hell of a new year!

Special thanks to Adventures of the Nail Friends for her idea and tutorial <3 Please check her out, she is awesome through and through.

Don't forget the rest!


  1. This is seriously amazing!! I can't even believe how awesome it turned out! Your nail art is getting so good - I'm jealous lol!

    1. Oh man, thank you so much. I'm never going to be able to top this though. =P

  2. Er. Ma. GERD! You did an awesome job with these, Sharra! I've been meaning to try this one too--if it comes out half as well as yours I'll call it a huge success!

    1. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE!!! =DDDDD (Thank you so much ^____^)

  3. So beautiful! Talented lady <3

    1. Psht, look who's talking ;) (Thank you <33!!!)


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