Monday, December 31, 2012

Swatch: ELF inky purple

This is the base for my NYE nail art and I am quite excited to get it going. This is another polish courtesy of Nails for the Sake of Sanity and I noticed something right away =O

Remember Golden Rose 314? I got all excited that there was a dupe that's available for my American friends (and me, when my GS runs low). They're almost the same, with the ELF being more purple and the GS being more blurple. Both look fantastic.

As for application, I did two coats of ELF, and it was very.. inky. The brush was a bit wonky, and in low light you'd never guess there was microglitter. Sooo it's not the greatest, but here's some pictures.

I wish I'd got it in the sunlight but you can see how it glimmers. It's going to be the base for something FANTASTIC so be prepared ;) Do you guys have this one? How did you find it? I think I'll like it better if I thin it out a bit. It'll lose that tar-ink consistency. It is MUCH darker than the Golden Rose, but a good colour if you're going for darkness with a swish.


  1. I bought the same ELFs I gave you for myself and I noticed the formula takes some getting used to, definitely! Pretty colors, but awfully strong smell haha! It looks gorgeous on you and I LOVE what you did with it :D

    1. I LOVE deep purples (judging by my stash LOL, so much purple!). And it made a perfect night sky ;) Thank you <33 I hope you're getting some traffic outta me =]


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