Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Swatch: Essence I Love Bad Boys and Essie Pure Pearlfection

So I won my first giveaway at Chester's Drawers and got myself my first Model's Own and Essence I Love Bad Boys and today I've got the Essence. I opened it right away and put it on.

(I still don't have a lightbulb. SOON.) The shimmer is so pretty and this colour is just really perfect for winter since it's kind of a greyed out blue. I love it. That first photo is the most colour accurate. I'm glad this is the prize pack I picked =D This colour hasn't made it to Canada yet.

Over this, in preparation for my next nail art post, I covered this in Essie Pure Pearlfection, which I am so glad I splurged on.

Ooooh I just love it. Guys, what other Essie's am I missing? I'm eying As Gold As It Gets as we speak, and I may need Butler Please.