Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Annual Emotion and Gilded Angel

Today I got my nail maaaaaail! And that's ALWAYS exciting ;) It was the Rainbow Honeys I preordered a couple weeks ago so of course I wanted to try them out right away!

I chose to do both Gilded Angel and Annual Emotion because silver and gold sounded simple enough to not eat too much time and I had an idea for a nail design =D This is two coats of each.

I keep forgetting about my light bulb, sorry about the lighting. These two are supposed to be "subtle" holos and to be honest I don't see ANYTHING. BUT I am indoors. I eventually figured out to turn on my flash. (D'oh!)

That's a bit better. You can see it too right? Hopefully the sun will be out in the morning and I can get some good pictures outside.

Now for some simple nail art. A while back I saw an excellent nail art post on Polish Me Manly and I knew I had to do it too. I'll give you a hint, it's a Christmas Song.

PS: I used my Sharpie.

Welp, that's pretty awesome, but subtle just isn't cutting it. That means... SPECTRAFLAIR TOPCOAT =D

Those photos didn't turn out the best. Durn flash...

What do you guys think? This is a really awesome, simple idea for anyone to do, I love it, and I loved Wes for doing it first =D Show me if/when you try it!

PS: I promise to get a new lightbulb. I promise.

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