Thursday, December 20, 2012

LIS#3 Ugly Christmas Sweater

Alright well, since I really wanted to do snowmen and I couldn't think of anything on a sweater that I wouldn't wear except snowmen, that's what we're doing =D

Starting with that Essence I Love Bad Boys and Essie Pure Pearlfection from my last post, I poked on some white acrylic paint, painted the hat and dotted the eyes and buttons with black acrylic and then gave them a little carrot nose with Essence Wake Up and arms with Joe Mocha. Ironically, my left hand turned out better than my right (AGAIN) because I found a nicer brush for it.

I may give up on flash. Trying again...

Left hand (non-dominant painted)
Except for that smudgy thumb, my left hand turned out great! I kind of like these guys, they are super cute xD

Check out everyone else's sweaters! Is it bad I would probably wear most of them?


  1. Aww, those snowmen are so cute! They all seem to have a different expression on their "face".
    I don't think it's bad that you would wear most of our "sweaters". I like a lot of them too. But some are just too much... ^^; Especially if you start imagining them having those thick applications instead of knitted patterns/motives... ugh.

    1. Thank you so much! I saw that too. The one on my right index finger looks so perplexed xD. Hahahaha true about the sweaters too. I saw this girl with Christmas lights all over hers! It was so bad it was fantastic haha.


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