Monday, December 24, 2012

Swatch: Del Sol Island Fever and Cagedbird Lacquer Your Pal, M.M.

Sorry for the lack of posts!! I've got a combo for you today, and another couple posts in the works after this. It's Christmas crunch time, and I still have nail designs I want to do!

So for today I started with Del Sol Island Fever, which is a light green that's supposed to turn dark green in the sun. Unfortunately it's winter in Vancouver which means clouds and precipitation ALL THE TIME. That means no colour change pictures for now. Dang.

I did about five coats, as this colour is very sheer but the payoff was fantastic! I was not expecting such a gorgeous iridescent colour!

 After Seche (a recent acquisition from Winners for $!8 =D)

I wish I'd gotten some sun so I could see the colour change but this is pretty fantastic on its own. I can imagine it going great over a pastel or neon green for a subtle change and in-your-face sheen in the summer for when I'd prefer not to wait out five coats.

This was the base for a new matte glitter from Cagedbird Lacquer that I nabbed on Black Friday.

I love it so much! I wish I'd seen it over the dark green sunlight colour but oh well! It was a great Christmas colour. I got one spontaneous compliment while I was out shopping ^_^

That's all for now! Since this is a late 2AM post, you'll get another one later today so that on Christmas I can post =D

I hope you guys are all ready! It's the day after tomorrowwwww~~

PS: Seche Vite stinks like a mofo. Nobody warned me! Ugh.

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