Thursday, November 15, 2012

Swatch: Sinful Colors Irish

Sorry for the late post! If you have "liked" me on facebook, you would have seen that I spilled water on my precious Blackberry (8900, in case you were curious) and it was out of commission for a while, with wonky buttons. I'm extremely happy to say that it's made a full recovery after a night on the heater and a day in the rice. Thanks for your patience! Here's today's post:

This is a GORGEOUS green, and one of the wonderfuls from Alyssa (Frugal Polish). The pictures are kind of crap because I took them yesterday when my BB blacked out.

This is about accurate. It's a bright gooey/slimeball/radioactive jelly, without actually being neon. I think I did two thin coats and a third thick one. I had the same problem as Karine (Karine's Vernis Club) in that it didn't seem to dry, and I could dent it the next day with my nail. Boo! If I could figure out how to get this to work though, it's going to be the base for a LOT of glitter sammies.

Do you guys have this one? Any tricks for drying it faster?


  1. I LOVE this green!!! :D Thankfully I got it in a swap, since I can't get Sinful Colors where I am. SO PRETTY!!! O_O :D

    1. It wouldn't be worth it in Canada anyway! I CAN get it where I live (also in Canada) but it'd be $6 to our American friends' $1 (on sale). Now how do you get it to WORK with you?? =P


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