Friday, November 16, 2012

Swatch: KleanColor Chunky Holo Clover

After yesterday's delicious green (Sinful Colors Irish), I thought it would be perfect to break out the holo glitter topper I got in the KleanColor mini set! GREEN of course! Unfortunately this was when my BB camera wasn't in the best shape, so the pictures are a little wonky as I tried to get the glitter to show up. It looked much better in person, I promise!

I tried to cover the flash with my finger so you can see the red sparkle in there.

You can KIND of see it. It was subtle in person, but not this invisible. This is one coat and I think it helped the SF dry out quite a bit actually. KC has a pretty volatile smell but it's too fantastic to pass up. One thing I will say though, the brush on this is WEIRD. Super fat. Covered my whole nail, but it was kinda unexpected.

Do you guys have KleanColor? What do you think? I think these holos are the best of the best of them =D