Saturday, November 17, 2012

Swatch: Julep Otte

So... Otte... If you recall, this is from Julep's September box and I was... let's say less than impressed. I already had Pippa from a mystery box and it looked HORRIBLE, so why would Otte be better? I passed it to my friend, who has darker skin than me and she HATED it (mannequin hands!), so I asked for it back, thinking I could get some use out of it.

Turns out it's not so bad... On my skin however...

It makes me look really red... I'm not, so it's weird. Honestly, it reminds me of when those LGs but on too much foundation and basically look like powdered rubber. It's going to be the perfect base for nail art, and I don't mind how it looks in that last photo (it's all accurate, it's just a lighting difference) so this is alright. Everyone needs one.

What do you think? Am I horribly lobster-handed with it on? Either way, I am REALLY excited for tomorrow's post - you'll see! =D

If you wanna try Julep for a PENNY, click here and take the quiz. At checkout, use the code - you guessed it - PENNY, and you'll only be charged one cent. (US and Canada only, sorry <3)

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