Sunday, November 18, 2012

FiA#13 Fall Flair!

OH MY GOSH! Do you know what I realized? This prompt is Fall Flair which means I CAN DO ARGYLE even though I don't own a sweater with that on it! EXCITEMENT.

Here we go!

Because I knew I wanted to use Julep Otte, I tried to find a pattern/colour combination that would look good with it. And I did!

Thanks Google!
Then I googled for a tutorial and it turns out to be from one of my favourite blogs: Kelsie's Nail Files! Time to practice my taping!

So, like I said, started with Julep Otte. After that, I taped and used Golden Rose 187, which is a dark grey. I still have to get to swatching that one..

It's obvious I fail a taping.
 For the rest of the hand, I used my dotting tool heavily laden with polish and poked the triangles on.

It kinda looks better.
 One more technique. I picked up my paintbrush and painted crosses then filled them in.

It all looks just as bad =P It's fine from far away, but clearly I'm not QUITE up to some of my favourite blogger's standards with this stuff... Especially tape. Gah, tape. I put a layer of topcoat on, which really smoothed everything out, and put on some crap tv to wait for it to dry before the last step.

Ulta Snow White, as usual.
I tried doing connect the dots on the thumb here, and then gave up and pulled the paintbrush.

Welp... I can't do straight thin lines. Buuut that's what you're getting today. Sorry for the lack of clean up. I think those white lines are a great argument for why I need to get on buying striping tape... I also fully intended to get a picture after clean up but forgot as soon as I did it. Sorry!

It's over! Whaaat? Guess what though? Dec 1st (hopefully) we're starting winter! =D See y'all there!
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  1. Great colours for argyle, and you get a total A+ for effort! I love my striping tape. Even more, I love my nail art stripers because I'm so terrible with actual "paintbrush" nail art (I just can't get it to load smoothly on the brush for some reason, so the lines are all goopy and stuff).

    1. Thank youuu <3 I'm actually not as good with my striper as I am with a paintbrush. Like, it picks up polish better for sure, but I just have so much less control over where it's going. Practice practice right? Just for the record, I get a lot of gloopy lines too, I just put a layer of thick, non-quick dry topcoat and patiently wait. It makes it ALL lay down =D However... requires patience. Bah! =P

  2. You need to go to shoppers and get the quo nail art tiny brushes. $4 or something awesome! Theyre really great for lines.

    1. I am in there ALL THE TIME, how have I not seen these yet?

  3. Definitely A+ for effort! I can't really deal with those stripers as well. It seems so easy looking at all those YT tutorials, but it doesn't work for me. :/
    Have you tried working with acrylic paints?

    1. Thanks =P Sometimes effort is all I have to show for it haha xD Darn gloopy striper. The brush is nice sometimes though. They made framing WAY easier.

      I've never worked with acrylic paints, no. I don't think I can afford it =( I MAY however, steal my boyfriend's Warhammer paints one day and see how I do... The other thing is that I bet if I ever do pick them up, I'll try and get so disheartened because it will look a mess compared to the amazing art you do xD Scenario resulting would look like this:

      "SHE SAID IT WAS THE ACRYLICS *sobs and eats ice cream while covered in paint*"


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