Monday, November 19, 2012

Music Inspired: Guess who!

Instead of doing my paper Friday night, I of course picked off all my nail polish and had to redo it. I couldn't leave them bare could I??

Anyway, I've had this idea since the album came out, and I want to see if you guys had any guesses as I go. I started with a skittles manicure. From pinky to thumb I used Julep Oscar, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, Golden Rose 187, Julep January and Ulta Snow White. I put base coat down for Blue Me Away since it stains, and glue base coat down for Oscar 'cause I'm not dealing with that garbage later.

Through a combination of Sharpie and my LA Colors Art Deco black striper I very slowly drew out my designs. For the middle finger I actually used the frayed end of a piece of rope (cotton cord) and dabbed it like in the saran wrap technique. Each finger is a line from the song that the album is named after. Any ideas?

SIDEBAR: LA Colors NA902, the black striper... I apparently had it open too long while I was doing this? It glooped up like tar. Fixed itself when I closed and shook it but still... Weird. Annoying. Meh. It is a nice thick/opaque black for painting though. Give and take I guess.

Sorry for the clean up. Those first two full pics are of my non-dominant hand. This last picture is my dominant hand and I couldn't fix the top of my middle finger without ruining it ==. Anyway, I LOVE how these turned out *pats self on the back*.

Two more pics - after two days of wear, and I fixed the tips by wrapping them in black again.

So in case you didn't get it (we can still be friends! =P) it's Taylor Swift's Red.

Gonna go in order of the song (I'm listening to it right now).

Pinky: Oscar just reminds me of her... I guess I lied, this one's not a song line. I think it's because of a Cover Girl commercial haha. Or her CMA dress...
Ring Finger: Losing him was blue like I'd never known
Middle Finger: Missing him was dark grey all alone
Index finger: But loving him was red
Thumb: Memorizing him was as easy as knowing all the words to your old favorite song

What do you think? How did I do? I really love her and her music, it's so easy to sing along to and there's a lot of beauty in it - as in, references to beauty of people she's known. However, I wish she didn't straighten her hair, I love curls... Blah blah blah /fangirl

What do you think of framed nails? I'm surprised how much I like them! You'll be seeing them again for sure =D They were also way easier than they look. The striper's straight-long brush did most of the work ^^

Since I couldn't find an official music video, you can have this. =)


  1. Great post , love your blog , just nominated you for leibster awards :) Check out

    1. Hey! Thanks so much for following! I immediately checked you out and followed you back xD Thanks for the Leibster =D I'll put it on my list of posts to make~

      PS: Did you know that in Farsi your (beautiful) name means "light"? <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaanks *gianter grin than emotes can emote* =DDDD

  3. Yay found them! Very cool, I like them a lot :)

    1. Aww I totally would have saved you the trouble and linked you but I know some people find it kind of rude on another's blog. Thanks a lot though!! They're one of my favourite designs! <333


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