Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FiA#12 Harvest

So for the Americans, this is Thanksgiving but of course we're not all from USA and "Harvest" was chosen to allow a little more elbow room =)

There were several ideas bouncing around in my head and one of them was the Cornucopia. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the full myth of the Cornucopia, because I'm fairly certain all the things in it fell out in groups (fruits then meat then blah blah blah) but of course the internet failed me.

The other image I always get when someone says Harvest is fields and fields of wheat (amber grain US homies!). That's what I went to try. I'm giving you a step by step and I didn't clean up before I took each picture, so forgive me for the mess, please <3.

I started with Ulta Snow White.

It's still disappointingly gloopy. Bah. To help it smooth out, I put on a layer of my Golden Rose Clear Topcoat (non-quick dry) and VERY PATIENTLY waited.

After that torture, I tried sponging on Essence You Belong to Me next, to make up a sky, but the sponge wasn't letting go of the colour, so I glooped some on and then tried to blend it with the sponge. Unfortunately there was NO transition. Oh well, watercolour clouds!

After that I picked up some orange - yellow spectrum colours and started striping with a cheapie paintbrush. Y'know those ones that  you get in the kids watercolour sets in elementary school? The ones you're forced to buy EVERY YEAR and use once in five? Yeah I thinned it out. Works really well actually, for messy striping like this =)

Julep Parker

Julep Daisy

Joe Mocha

Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine

Julep Otte
The brown might be a bit much, but I actually kind of like my nails. I maybe should have put Otte before WBYS but oh well, I like it. It was missing something though...

I added Rainbow Honey The Worst Possible Thing to my ring finger as an accent (I wanted it to look like butterflies frolicking or something) =) With some Ulta X-Dry on top, I went about my clean up.

Another incident where my off-hand (the left) turned out better than my right.

We're nearing the end aaahhh! Who's excited for winter? There's another challenge in the works~

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