Tuesday, November 13, 2012

FiA#11 Autumn Dots

I'm doing the catch-up grind, have you noticed? After this I can slow down a bit because I'll be on track but if that's the reason I sucked so hard at this dotticure, then I'm sorry. In my opinion, I just kind of suck at all of them... except the fish... Wait... that's the only other one I did. Okay so it's just this one == I'm sorry!

I started with Julep Leslie, which as I mentioned reminds me of wet cement. I live near Vancouver, and we are famous for RAIN (over here anyway) and I have a lot of bus stops to walk to in this rain.. or snow, or mist, or other wet weather. Fall is always better for it because the leaves strewn on the sidewalks are gorgeous in colour, and that's what I was trying to capture here.

I basically just took my larger dotting tool because I knew the dots would come out different sizes and I poked at my nails randomly with different colours. I used Julep January and Parker, China Glaze Riveting and Electrify, Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine, KleanColor Bright Gold. Apparently I completely forgot about China Glaze Harvest Moon, because I didn't use it. Lame.

Whenever I do something like this where I don't like it and it's a bit of a mess I cover it up with glitter. In this case, Sally Hansen Urban Chic, a scattered holo topcoat you've seen before on my Galaxy Nails. From afar, all you see is fire colours and rainbow glitter.

So in conclusion, for me this is "meh" and everyone else in the group is way better at dotting than me =P I used the peel off glue basecoat though so it'll be off by tomorrow and I can do something else.

When I went outside, I found it looked a lot better...
Oh the wonders of natural lighting!
This is actually quite nice...
My glue base is acting up already on my ring finger here. Just pretend it's cracked pavement or something.
I like it a lot more outside.

[Side Story
My boyfriend said: "Leaves on pavement isn't really my first thought looking at these..."
Me: And that's the difference between 'based on' and 'inspired by'." AMIRITE?]

What do you think? Total fail? What would you have done differently with this idea (keeping it mind the use of dotting tools was mandatory)?

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