Saturday, November 24, 2012


Welp, we're nearing the end of November (which means I get to do tons of Christmas themed nail art soon - SO EXCITED) but let's end off on topic here. Using that base of Julep Hayden, I used my Sharpie and LA Colors black striper to draw on some mo's ;)

I didn't quite wait long enough before starting to draw them on, so they're a little messed up. Oh well!

First my right hand...

And then my left, which still turns out better somehow even though I'm left-handed. The ring finger is a shout out to all those guys who couldn't grow one if they tried ;) *COUGH-myboyfriend-COUGH*

I thought it was a cute idea =P How about you? Overdone? Would you have stuck to one style of 'stache?

PS: Red Velvet cupcakes and jello shooters are pretty awesome.
Cream-cheese icing ftw