Saturday, November 24, 2012


Welp, we're nearing the end of November (which means I get to do tons of Christmas themed nail art soon - SO EXCITED) but let's end off on topic here. Using that base of Julep Hayden, I used my Sharpie and LA Colors black striper to draw on some mo's ;)

I didn't quite wait long enough before starting to draw them on, so they're a little messed up. Oh well!

First my right hand...

And then my left, which still turns out better somehow even though I'm left-handed. The ring finger is a shout out to all those guys who couldn't grow one if they tried ;) *COUGH-myboyfriend-COUGH*

I thought it was a cute idea =P How about you? Overdone? Would you have stuck to one style of 'stache?

PS: Red Velvet cupcakes and jello shooters are pretty awesome.
Cream-cheese icing ftw


  1. Oh man! you made the orange peel jello shooter! How did those turn out?

    1. The hardest part was trying to fill the orange peel so some pieces were a little sparse on jello but they were REALLY tasty!

  2. Great work :) These cakes look tasty , yum-yum :3


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