Sunday, November 25, 2012

Swatch: Gosh Holographic Hero

I was so excited about this one when I saw it in the store and man, was my excitement ever redoubled and tripled when I actually put it on. Holy motherf*ck, this rainbow is AMAZING.

Because I'd heard that holographics are a little difficult to work with. I put down a matte topcoat (WarPaint Mattify) onto my bare nails. You get a picture, because I thought it looked interesting haha. Excuse my skin, I just showered.

I started with two coats of HH.

It is freaking AMAZING! Because I wanted it to last longer than the 24 hours I think it advertises (on the lid, lol) I added Spectraflair Topcoat. Maybe it'll double the effect right? It also makes a GREAT topcoat, just for being so thick and smooth. Even though the holographic effect isn't the greatest - especially compared to this Gosh.

It dulled it quite a bit actually. These pictures are very forgiving. Over top of this, I added one more coat of Holographic Hero. Look at those colours!

I'm blown away. SO BLOWN AWAY. I'll just be here not doing anything for a while, k. Just staring. Whatcha think?


PS: There may not be a post tomorrow because I really don't want to remove this. I'll have to wait for it to fall off itself x_x


  1. Gosh Holo Hero is beautiful! I love it

  2. It's so beautiful... I wonder if I can find someone selling it who ships to NZ!

    Have a lovely day of staring! xx

    1. Hmm. Maybe I'll buy a ton more for some swaps/giveaways =P

  3. Replies
    1. GET TO SHOPPERS GIRLY! There's one left in the Coquitlam one but it's separate from the other Gosh polishes. Also they SUCK at displaying, because it just looks silver under their stupid diffuse light. GET SOME!

  4. soooooooo pretty!! I don't know if I could pull it off, but it looks awesome!


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