Friday, November 23, 2012

Swatch: Julep Hayden

I got Julep Hayden in a mystery box before I was done with them. It was one of the only unique colours =) It's a peachy creme - not light enough to be "skin colour".

This is just gonna be me awkwardly trying to describe the polish so I'm just gonna post pictures now. This is three coats. After two it was a bit baldy, but the third smoothed everything out. It didn't dry that shiny and almost looked semi-matte or rubber. *shrugs*

Not a bad colour. In the bottle it's pretty close to Parker, so we'll see what goes on when I try that one. This is gonna be a nice spring/summer colour too =)

If you want some Julep of your own, click here, take the quiz and use the code PENNY to get your first box ALMOST free. One cent isn't bad right? ;)


  1. I have taken my test a few days ago , mine was American chick like something, but I couldn't find a simple shipping method so I gave up . Now I'll find it near superstores :) Results look great~

    1. You should have free Maven shipping if you're in the US or Canada, but yeah, outside of that it's more difficult to ship.


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