Saturday, October 20, 2012

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Siren Song

This. This is the perfect combination. I put on blue the other day (Nyx Thunder) with the intent to cover it in Siren Song. I want to tell you that my first impression of Siren Song is a little uncool. In the advertisement picture it looked like this bright, bright dreamy blue. In person however, it leaned more towards a green-y teal-y thing rather than the neon blue.

Now. Coming to Nyx Thunder. Remember I said it had a dark blue shimmer? Do you know what deepens that? Covering it with a light blue shimmer. Oh. My God. You have no ideas. Siren Song's light blue shimmer over Nyx Thunder's dark blue shimmer made this a deep river blue. It looks like calming springs.

Here's what it reminds me of:
Joffre Lake, Pemberton BC
Ready for this?

It's too bad the sun ran away and Fall really hit because I definitely want to see this in daylight! Every time I look at this I just fall back into that hike at Joffre Lake. Fresh mountain spring air! *deep breath*

I should mention: single coat, GIANT silver holographic hexes!! LURVE. I think part of the reason I love this so hard is that it acts like a milder (glittery) form of Julep Melissa.
Lemme just try to account for all the glitter here... Large and small holographic silver hexes, large holographic gold hexes, tiny gold circles, small dark blue/green, small blue circles and small blue bars. All on my nails with no fishing!

Did any of you get the Chrono Cross collection? What do you think of Rainbow Honey?

(You can tell how long I wore something by how many pictures you get in a post...)


  1. Ooh! There are so many different little glitters in this--they look like crushed up gemstones! Excellent polish to pair it with too. I need ta get me some Rainbow Honey, STAT!

    1. Thank you so much! You definitely do! I recommend just saving up and making a big order to save yourself the shipping =)


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