Friday, October 19, 2012

Swatch: Nyx Thunder

Way back when, Save On Foods AKA PriceSmart was emptying out their stock of Nyx cosmetics, including nail polish. I dug around in those baskets any time I walked by for about two weeks and I am so glad I did. Nyx Thunder, which I bought for a dollar is the most gorgeous blue I have ever seen. It's quite a sky-blue light creme, but what makes it unique is the dark blue/possibly-purple shimmer that darkens the hue. It was extremely difficult to capture in photos. Most of what you see is the creamy base. Keep in mind that it is richer and appears darker in person.

Best picture
 Where my nails look shadowed is where you see the colour of the shimmer.

It's a bit on the sheer side, as all Nyxes seem to be, but damn it all if this payoff isn't worth it. It didn't dry extremely quickly, but with some quick dry topcoat that was a little better. Also, it wasn't nearly as bad as Nyx Las Vegas.

By the way, 3 coats =D After a week on my nails, and a little bit of tip wear, I peeled this off in chunks without the glue base trick! I'm impressed and I love this colour.

Did any of you pick up some Nyx polish? Did you see Thunder? What do you think?

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