Sunday, October 21, 2012

Swatch: Del Sol Chicky

Have you guys heard of this brand? It's sold in tourist locations like West Edmonton Mall and on cruise ships. This was the original first, colour-changing-in-the-sun brand. I'm going to start with Chicky, a frosty pale yellow. Formula was a little on the thin side, but four coats covered everything to my satisfaction. Each coat was thin and dried quickly so this didn't set me back as much as you'd think.

The only other thing I'll say about this is that it does bubble a little bit and it's something I haven't figured out how to fix yet. Now for the sunlight pictures... Since it's fall, it's been cloudy so the colour change isn't as dramatic as in summer sunshine. The pink butterfly on the bottle above is the shade it's supposed to turn, but I've seen it go much darker. Here we go!

The streakiness is not that noticeable in person but I am a little bothered by the tiny bubbles I always seem to get. I know it's not my topcoat! I also wrecked my middle finger, please forgive me!!

So what do you think? Are photochromes (teehee) something you would buy?
Del Sol has a website! Check out all their cool stuff <3