Monday, October 22, 2012

Swatch: Del Sol Superhero

Another colour changer for you! This one is called Superhero and it was another four coater that dried quick. It's a frosty light blue which bubbled a little but, but not as badly as Chicky.

For the record, this is MUCH lighter than Essence Gleam in Blue and a lot lighter than these pictures are showing. For the colour change, this one goes purple as in the flower on the bottle.
You can see this STARTED going purple, but there just wasn't enough UV on today's cloudiness =( If you want to see it more purple, try this post. You can definitely see it's not so blue anymore though.

Just like Chicky, this one had some bubbling problems (they're both too sheer to add thinner ==) but the streakiness is minimal, especially compared to the first couple coats.

You might have noticed that Chicky is on my left hand and Superhero on my right... That's right, there's plans for this ;)

Check out the Del Sol website for your own! And don't forget about Trick or Treat this season =D


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