Tuesday, October 23, 2012

FiA#8 Halloween!

This is a double-whammy nail art post (and therefore pic-heavy... sorry). It's taking care of my Halloween challenge item and also being entered into a nail art contest! I may do another Halloween manicure though, so keep your eyes open.

So I started with Del Sol Superhero on my right hand and Del Sol Chicky on my left, I did a gradient with the opposite colour on each hand. Because these are both really sheer, I brushed it on in layers instead, putting a coat down from 3/4s of the way from the tip to the tip, then from 1/2 way, then just glooping a bit on the tips themselves to get an opaque colour. Take a look.

 I only got a picture of one hand outside because I couldn't get the other to change. Dunno what's up with today, isn't there supposed to be MORE UV light when it's cloudy?

You can see the colour comparison of fingers vs thumb

 It kinda pinked...

Anyway, the next step is to add a glow in the dark polish (WarPaint Glow-Turq) of course! You can't see much on the nails but it's kinda sparkly. My cell phone couldn't capture it in the dark, but that's coming, don't worry!

And now for the ART part of this post.

On my thumb, I used my LA Colors black striper. For the rest of my fingers, I used my trusty Sharpie.
Cemeteryyyy (What's on the pinkie??)
That's a hand coming out of the ground on the middle finger... Also, this was with my non-dominant hand
I sat on this post for DAYS waiting for the sun to come out and give me a decent colour change but alas =( And of course the day after I took it off, the sun poked out gloriously bright for almost the whole day. SIGH.

Good thing I could get some glow pics!

What do you thiiinkkk??? =D It's not as terrible as it could have been lol! And yes, that totally is a zombie pulling himself out of his grave on the pinkie!

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  1. I love eerie gradients! <3
    I feel your pain about not being able to take proper pictures... the sun always decides to go hiding whenever i wear a holo... :(

    1. The gradient is my favourite part of this too... except for the zombie pinkie xD
      Cheeky sun >=(

    2. This is still one of my favorites! I love the 'eerieness' ;) (Thanks for the giveaway! 7 more and I'll finally post mine as well, hehe)

    3. You're so sweet <33 I can't wait for your giveaway =D and someday I'll send you some Del Sols regardless =) SOME DAY.

  2. These look so awesome, Sharra--I love the cemeteryscape!!


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