Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Swatch: Peel-Off Base - Elmer's Glue

It's my two hundredth post! I talk a lot apparently and I want to thank you all for sticking around through it <3 For this special occasion, I wanted to talk about something that you may have seen floating around the nail-blogosphere: Elmer's school glue as a base coat!

I'm sure you guys must have heard of this right now, but I thought I'd just give you my two cents on it. I've used this underneath a couple of my manicures including Boogie Wonderland/Sabrina, Riveting/God of Destiny and Thunder/Siren Song.

If you hadn't heard, what you do is use Elmer's (PVA - school) glue as a base coat. When you're done with it, it peels right off in chunks or whole pieces! I found if you do really thin coats, it lasts quite a long time. Boogie Wonderland wore for a week before I forcibly peeled it off. However, I did thicker coats for my Riveting manicure, and it lasted only a couple of hours. It does apply gloopy since it dries quite quickly, but usually it evens out if you can get it to lay flat without bubbles (not too difficult to do).

Just for your information, here's a couple pictures of my nails with glue on top =D

Thicker coats in the process of drying

Thin coat, perfect!
 And here is a photo after these nails. They came off in one piece and you can see zero residue left on my nails.
The other thing is, you have to let it dry COMPLETELY. If you don't and you just polish over top, it could wrinkle as if you weren't careful with your stick-ons...
The day after I wrote this post
And how they came off =]
It also seems to bubble just like nail polish can... On the bright side though, when it starts getting thick and dry, you can use a bit of nail polish thinner, just like real polish! That was a pretty exciting revelation =D

One more thing... I think I wouldn't use it if you're not putting glitter down. It worked really well with Boogie Wonderland but obviously less well for Rainbow Honey Siren Song. It was even worse for my Del Sols. I think any nail polish that doesn't dry "stiff" is going to wrinkle when the glue underneath dries/shrinks/whatever it does the next day.

Have you tried the glue base? What do you think? Any more tips and cautions?


  1. Works too good for me. My nails start popping off 12 hours in. I gave up on it. :(

    1. Like I said, it seemed to work fine for a stiff glitterbomb but yeah, it wrinkled and bubbled under anything thinner. Oh well. Still good for swatching if you wanna get a lot done at once without killing your hands with acetone =)

  2. I keep forgetting to try this! I've had my little bottle of Elmer's forever, just sitting there, and every time I go glitter I'm all smacking my forehead and kicking myself for not getting it prepped yet.

    PS: I swear, one of these days I'm gonna overfeed your poor hamster. :p

    1. When you do, come tell me how it went! I do so love it for the heavy glitters, even if it doesn't work for colour swatches for very long.

      PS: That made my night. Between you and my boyfriend that hamster lives a good life xD


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