Thursday, October 25, 2012

Poutine: SFU Mackenzie Cafe

Today we're talking poutine. I wasn't going to review this but that was before I tasted it. Recently, Simon Fraser University invested a lot of money into renovating their Mackenzie Cafe, making it more consumer friendly, and more delicious (apparently!)!

When you go in there, the only thing on the menu that resembles this is "Breakfast Poutine" which actually worked out because they use hashed browns as fries. Normally, this also has a fried egg on top, but I requested not to.

I was pleasantly, amazingly surprised at how delicious this was. I think the lady liked me too, because she loaded on the gravy and fries.

What do you think guys? I'm going to give it an honourary spot on the Poutine Review page. Do you think it deserves its own ranking?

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  1. I've never tried poutine before--I'm so deprived!

    1. Oh noes! It is extremely delicious, especially as comfort food =P Anywhere that has all three ingredients you can probably ask for them to make you one xD I know that in USA a lot of people have never heard of it and give you a weird look/think it looks gross if you ask for one, but they'll make it for you!

      Come rave/rant about it here when you finally try one! <3


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