Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Koi Pond

I thought Koi Pond would go great with Sinful Colors Rise and Shine so that I could get the little orange glitters out. (I was originally thinking of putting it over China Glaze Riveting and decided it would kill the orange like Julep Zoe did with RH Hoof Wrassle....). As I mentioned in the last post, you're gonna have to ignore the blueness of the base. It's definitely more green.

The glitter reminds me of sparkling water and how relaxing a koi pond really is =) Rainbow Honey, you a genius. This is one gloopy drop that I smeared around to get good coverage (ie. one layer, not really dabbed).

The black glitter is beyawesome!!!! This combo actually remind me of WingDustCollections Under The Sea. I clearly have polish patterns, colour-wise. Does anyone else pull stuff like this? XD
To be honest, after realizing this combination looked familiar, I'm hoping it'll come off soon =P (I'm kind of wishing I had chosen a warm colour underneath...)

Koi Pond itself totally has me enamoured though, how about you? Check it out at!