Monday, October 8, 2012

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Frozen Flame

I was really trying really very hard to get through Equestria before starting on Koi Pond or the Chrono Cross collection but after I put on Julep Trina, it was just calling my name!

I did a first layer of glitter with some dabbing to place the bars, and then a second layer dabbing as well to get an even, extremely glittery coat =)

Frozen Flame is full of holographic bar glitter, as well as small orange and blue circles, which just scream fire to me, despite not being traditional colours.

Beyond gorgeous, I am so impressed! And the sun came out the next day!

I can't get over how colourful this is! Most of the bars even laid flat, and everything dried smooth without topcoat. Some of the bar glitter didn't stay down, so those last pictures (in the sun and natural light) DO have Ulta X-dry (which bubbles horribly), which I used to just press down the errant bars. And just for the record, my nails are quite curved, so it's not the bars fault. They did great! I wore this for almost a week =O

Recap: This is Rainbow Honey Frozen Flame from the Chrono Cross Collection and you seriously need to check this out. Just click here <3! Do you love it like I do?