Sunday, October 14, 2012

FiA#7 Pumpkins!

To be honest, I was actually pretty excited to do this one. I wanted to do the apples design but with a nice bright orange! So with that in mind, here come the pictures.

Starting with Wet&Wild 406B, that glittery holo purple covered with that fantastic Spectraflair Topcoat, I added on two strokes of Essence Wake Up! It took two "coats".

I had to really remember to wrap the tips!

After waiting for that to try, I used my trusty paintbrush to make a little tick for a stem with Julep Leah.
I decided to do jack-o-lanterns by the way =) I wanted my thumb and ring finger GLOWING... this led to Julep Nessa!

In contrast, I took my trusty black Sharpie and drew in faces on the other pumpkins =D

I'm gonna be honest, I squee-ed at how cute these were. And you can actually see the glowy Nessa come out in indirect light:


I think the background goes perfectly too! What do you think?

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