Saturday, October 13, 2012

Swatch: Wet&Wild 406B

This was one of my first polishes EVER. It's been with me for upwards of five years and it's still one of my favourite colours. It is going a little lumpy though, so I am going to have to invest in some thinner soon. As I would describe it, this is a purple creme with scattered-almost-linear holographic particles mixed in, as well as copper glitter (which has unfortunately formed a layer near the bottom).

 You can see from the bottle that the holo is quite prominent, and it definitely translates to the nail. This was no topcoat, two coats. Because it was a little lumpy (from being old, not from crappy formula - I remember this applying perfectly), I decided it needed some help smoothing out, and thought of my Piper Polish Spectraflair Topcoat =D

And then in the sun the next morning...

The double holo goodness is EXTREMELY prominent, more so than in these pictures. The topcoat also smoothed out the lumpiness and dried everything so fast you could hardly blink. Which is awesome because it stinks like a mother =D (Hurrah car paint!). I did notice some bald spots in the sunshine (at certain angles), but I'm going to blame it on the 5 years old thing. A little thinner will fix that =]

I can't wait to show you guys what I'm planning with this. This purple with holo is just the epitome of mysteriousity and magic for me. Time for some Halloweeny! What do you think?


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