Monday, October 15, 2012

Swatch: WingDustCollections Boogie Wonderland

I have another wonderful creation from Stephanie at WingDustCollections! This one is called Boogie Wonderland! I definitely needed a glitterbomb this week, maybe it's gonna motivate me to write my paper for Evolution of Health and Disease...

After I did them I tried so hard to get a decent picture... and then realized I have a really bright desk lamp. D'oh.

You can get a sense in that last picture of the glittery gorgeous goodness, but these pictures REALLY aren't doing this polish any justice.

I tried to take some pics outside but the sun hid all day..

It dried a little rough and was a teensy bit tough to get it to cover at the tips of my nail. However, there was no digging for those gold pieces and I even got a piece of the gold holographic bar glitter! I am very impressed with this. Stephanie's a friggin' genius.

I think this is just amazeballs... What do you think?

You can follow Stephanie on Facebook, Blogger and make sure you take a look at her Etsy!

EDIT: I just realized that this nail polish reminds me of my Facebook Cover Photo!

Richmond Night Market 2012


  1. Replies
    1. It really shows off the sparkly, doesn't it? I'm always worried people won't know that I meant to do that =P

  2. It's gorgeous! I love disco, so I got excited when I saw Boogie in the name of it too. :)

    1. It reminds me of Austin Powers, even though I've never actually seen that movie =D


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