Monday, October 15, 2012

Swatch: WingDustCollections Boogie Wonderland

I have another wonderful creation from Stephanie at WingDustCollections! This one is called Boogie Wonderland! I definitely needed a glitterbomb this week, maybe it's gonna motivate me to write my paper for Evolution of Health and Disease...

After I did them I tried so hard to get a decent picture... and then realized I have a really bright desk lamp. D'oh.

You can get a sense in that last picture of the glittery gorgeous goodness, but these pictures REALLY aren't doing this polish any justice.

I tried to take some pics outside but the sun hid all day..

It dried a little rough and was a teensy bit tough to get it to cover at the tips of my nail. However, there was no digging for those gold pieces and I even got a piece of the gold holographic bar glitter! I am very impressed with this. Stephanie's a friggin' genius.

I think this is just amazeballs... What do you think?

You can follow Stephanie on Facebook, Blogger and make sure you take a look at her Etsy!

EDIT: I just realized that this nail polish reminds me of my Facebook Cover Photo!

Richmond Night Market 2012