Sunday, September 16, 2012

Swatch: WingDustCollections Crocodile Farm

You guys should know by now that I always follow up swatches and this is no exception. I knew I wanted to get into another of my new glitters from WingDustCollections. Crocodile Farm was another one that caught my eye right away, beside Under The Sea.

Crocodile Farm has a various colours of green glitter in various shapes and sizes. Including (but not limited to) little emerald green squares and big light green hexes and lime green microglitter in a shimmery green base. It is absolutely freaking gorgeous! The glitter (especially the largest hexes) was a little bit difficult to get onto the brush but nothing a good stir didn't fix =)

This is two coats over Essence High Spirits and these pics were taken in the sun shining through my window =) I did some dabbing but it was mostly for those larger pieces. Everything laid flat!

Oh my god I am so proud of myself. This is a fantastic combination! The shimmer base really made the High Spirits base pop and shine. AND zero topcoat necessary! Reminds me of swamps and crocodiles~~ =D What do you think?