Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer Dress (etc) Summary

This is basically bad picspam of my dresses from MySpace angles because I don't have a photographer. It\s a filler guys, no nails today - sorry <3.

Sleeveless dress from a sample sale. Brand: Totem
Jacket from Suzy Shier a long time ago.

Wal-Mart dress from last year. Brand: By George

A shirt from Stitches. Brand: Street Wear Society
Shorts from Ardene from 3+ years ago. Brand: Ardene
Bathing suit! No idea what brand, from Sears clearance ;)
Kismet from Bootlegger! You can't see it, but the sides are longer and it's shorter in the middle. Love it =)
A colder day (shirt from Istanbul, Turkey). Hat from Icing by Claire's

So beautiful it deserves another shot
Bluenotes!! =D Looked so ugly on the rack, but excellent on mine xD
I have a couple fancier ones I didn't get to wear... Oh well! There's always next year =)