Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Omg guys, my room smells like nail polish x_X I dunno how I'm not high right now. The fantabuloustic Alyssa from Frugal Polish collected a bunch of Sinful Colors for me during the Walgreens 99cent sales over summer! Up here, Sinful Colors cost 5.99 each, a price I'm not willing to pay but when she mentioned it, I jumped at the chance! She even threw in some extra goodies! I am so stoked on life right now hahaha!

SF Bali Mist, SH Grape Escape, SF Let Me Go, SF Nail Junkie, SF Out of this World
Color Mates, Revlon Appletini, SF Hottie, SF Rise and Shine, SF Kissy, SF Amethyst, SF Cinderella
 The non Sinful Colors are bonuses from Alyssa <3 She's gorgeous and wonderful and squeeee <3

I think a couple of these are going to the giveaway box. Surprisingly, SF Kissy is suuuuper close to Essence Choose Me! Too much for me to justify keeping lol but you can totally tell what I like. With my collection so huge now, I just keep picking up the same things I have. Bah!

Revlon Apple-tini is suuuper weird smelling too. Like it smells like apples, but Branden's allergic to scent and I developed an aversion as a result. If anybody wants it, gimme a shout!

As a first impression, I am in LOVE with Color Mates, SF Rise and Shine, SF Cinderella, SF Amethyst, SH Grape Escape, SF Out of This World, and SF Let Me Go. I thought I would love SF Hottie, SF Kissy and SF Nail Junkie, but from the bottles they're not speaking to me. (This is through no fault of Alyssa, she was shopping with my list <3.)

In other news, I tried to clean up my room a bit here, and even set up my desk again! This time for nail polish of course! Maybe now it'll get some use <3

Gonna have to start hiding things in those nooks.

Go give Alyssa some love! She's fantastic <3


  1. <3 you girl! If you ever want me to get you more just let me know. BTW those damn envelopes STILL haven't come.

    1. Bahaha that is too funny! What an ordeal! I LOVE you for all this! I'm still collecting for you, I'll be ready soon <3 I can't WAIT to send you yours <3333


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